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St. John & Friends are musicians for hire in Jacksonville, Florida, bringing a unique approach to each event they play. Led by a young man with intellectual differences, St. John & Friends share the power, beauty and freedom found in performance in a different light by showcasing the unique abilities of each musician in the group. To book St. John & Friends, click here.

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We are a musical group passionate about live music and the power of performance. We believe music can inspire and enlighten. St. John, player of piano and cello, is a young man with intellectual differences who shares his voice through his music. Along with our two other group members, we perform jazz, contemporary and classical pieces, and are available to play events in, around and outside Jacksonville.

Cello, Piano, Violin, Double Bass, Drums, Guitar, Ukulele

About St. John & Friends

Founded in 2017 to offer a musical outlet for St. John, a young man with intellectual differences, St. John & Friends performs live classical, jazz and contemporary music. The three-member ensemble believes music is the inspiration for reflection, expression and joy. St. John and Friends’ talent enhances the ambiance of any event. To hire St John & Friends, use the form above.

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Professional Photography by Renee Parenteau Photography

Videos by Gray Frog Media

Our Beliefs:
Diversity & Inclusion

Our team at St. John & Friends believes all people are created equal. We are proud to be a musical group comprised of individuals with different intellectual abilities who share one common goal: the beauty of music. We are grateful for the opportunity to perform in front of a wide variety of audiences, and are honored to share our diverse musical talents with the Jacksonville community and beyond.

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